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 How We Started

  Kosher Ave originated from Chesapeake, VA, in 2016. Creative founders Lionel Victor and Alysa Roberson started by cutting and sewing various jackets and custom tie-dye shirts for expression. Shortly after, pop-ups and events curated for artists formed from the brand's community and support. Our in-house production started with just one sewing machine and has expanded into a creative house over the years. The core values behind Kosher Ave are the community, seeking adventure, and our well-being. 


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   Pre-Covid, Kosher Ave orchestrated several collaborations with southeast Virginia and Richmond stores that involved pop-up flea markets. The flea markets consisted of creatives and brands from the region and performing artists. We love live music and paintings at our pop-ups. The community is a core value that we love, and meeting creatives and showcasing brands works was a cornerstone to the flea markets. We hope to continue our pop-ups soon! Sign up for our newsletter for more information on developing tours.

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  Here at Kosher Ave, we strive to maintain a higher rate in all our products by paying specific attention to details at every production stage. We create digital designs, create custom fabric patterns, and assemble our collections for each season. That way, we can assure a product that everyone will be proud to own and wear.

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  We don't stop at just the simple designs! Sure, they are the foundation to Kosher Ave, but our approach to clothing is rich with variety. We dare to be different. We're sure you will find what you need with styles in our collections, including hoodies and windbreakers. Just look at our embroidered sweatshirt collection, and you will be pleasantly surprised!

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  For behind the scenes on orders, follow us on all of our social media. We appreciate the love and support. Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns involving orders or future pop-ups.


Spring Lookbook 2020 

 We expanded our design pallet during the Spring 2020 collection. Diversity and progression were the themes of releases and more representation for creatives looking to express themselves. The brand progressed into more cut and sewed apparel than any other release up until then. We used leather, polyester, and 3M to produce limited outerwear and jackets. This brand has touched vibrant, well-known places, including Yukon Trail to New York. This lookbook involved creatives from Virginia and various locations from the east coast. Please take a look at our achieved collections.





Summer 2020

  The meaning behind the brand was developing and became influential during this time. "Keep Swimming" was a theme we pushed throughout summer 2020. Our custom cut and sew button-ups made their debut in this collection. The button-ups consisted of Hawaiian-inspired threads incorporated with minimalist fabric. Here at Kosher Ave, mental health is a big area we focus on for our well-being. To be your best self, taking care of yourself is essential to you and others. As creatives ourselves, we understand the unannounced pressures of exploring the unknown. Kosher Waves, Kosher Salt, and other various signature designs were released during this summer collection.


 Are you looking for custom fulfillments? Kosher Ave customs is seasonally open to the public, and we offer screen printing, embroidery, and other services available. Please feel free to reach Lionel Victor or email us for your inquiry. 

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